What is Mutual Capital ?

2 min readMar 26, 2018


Mutual Capital Crypto is a project founded by me (AltcoinGodson) and Ambroid. We are both “OG” crypto traders and MCC is an experiment in building a communal crypto fund in a legal and moral fashion. We will be supported by a couple of researchers and other team members.


How does one create or participate in a fund without selling some financial product or security and possibly incur the wrath of the 3 letter agencies.

How does one maximize profits from the different complimentary opportunities in the crypto-sphere.


A fund created exclusively from complimentary opportunities available to the average cryptonaut.

These include funds earned from Referrals from exchanges, and Initial coin offerings, Airdrops and Passive income.

A token will be offered exclusively for decision making within the community, this might be as simple as a payout or as complex as an investment.


Obviously this isn’t ‘The DAO’ it’s not some decentralized technological marvel. The funds will be handled by me in places where a multisig account cannot.

There will be monthly updates with all pertinent information available; from fund balance updates to general information regarding upcoming opportunities and community decisions.


Ultimately this project will only succeed if the community sees the opportunity we offer and run with it.

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