Upgrading Mutual Capital.

1 min readSep 1, 2018

The Management at Mutual Capital has decided to pivot.

Fortunately or not it has become evident to us that the current model of airdrop and ref link source for funds is not enticing enough to a wide enough number of cryptopians.

For this reason we have decided to upgrade Mutual Capital to a full crypto community on Discord, a trading/mining/investment community.

Without over-promising and under delivering we plan to integrate all kinds of features needed to grow the community and increase sources of revenue for the fund. We will continue to bring you the juiciest airdrops.

Inline with our core beliefs we will never charge a fee to join our community as we are not a paid group scam of any kind.

The token Airdrop will be calculated in part by user activity in the Discord.

JOIN US!: https://discord.gg/5nP9zqa

— Godson.




His Imperial Majesty, Lord of Altcoins and Prophet of the Altgods. @Mansa_Godson