Details and FAQ’s.

2 min readApr 2, 2018

A lot of question have reached me about how MutualCapital collects funds and how the MC token airdrop will be processed.

1: Airdrop funds

You’re not giving us your airdrop coins, we’ll collect funds from the referral fees.

The researchers and Team will find a good airdrop (or ICO if need be) and share details in the ANN room, you get your coins and the coins earned from referring you will go into the fund.

2: Exchange funds.

Normally when a new exchange launches people on twitter, telegram or Reddit shill their ref link to their followers and get them to sign up, this is a way to show admiration to your favorite personality. But you earn nothing from the funds spent on the exchange unless you refer others.

MutualCapital provides a way for you to earn back those funds. If you use the ref links we provide all the funds earned go into the MC fund.

3: MC Token

What do we do with the funds collected from our activities? This is where our token comes in. The token will be used to decide how the funds are spent. how it is distributed is yet to be decided but it will be given partly in proportion to activity in service to the fund. And in part just freely.


while no one is required to donate funds, we will source donations as well. I (AltcoinGodson) will be donating funds from time to time from activities offered to me as an “influencer”.

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