Advanced Trading Strategies

2 min readFeb 17, 2022


Episode 2: How to calculate your Stoploss

This should’ve probably been the first episode but i needed something spicier, lets get into it NO BS.

I call it the GodsonModifiedKellyFormula; Calculating your SL using this strategy requires you know the probability of success for your entries.

Calculating StopLoss:

Very quick, Very simple using a modified Kelly Criterion: 2P-1; where P is the probability of success in decimal form.

for example here i backtest my Script on the Daily Timeframe with a long only bias and a 10% takeprofit.

the success probability is >70% so therefore the Kelly is (2*0.7)-1 which is 0.4

This means you can only bet 40% of your portfolio on each trade, AKA you can bet 100% of your portfolio but with a 40% stoploss or margin your portfolio 10x with a 4% stoploss.

Now i know what you’re saying but Godson, how do i trade with leverage without risking liquidation. what if the long dumps 10% before hitting my take profit.

Answer: Options Contracts!

with options you can leverage a trade upto 100x without risking liquidation.




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