BLUF: I wrote an indicator to btfd and I’m explaining how best to use it.

Bitcoin has moments of high volatility that create powerful BTFD opportunities (Dalai lama pattern) but I never knew when to start buying or not, so i figured using basic statistics we could farm some alpha.

How it works: The mean

crypto caught a ‘return to the mean’ meme at some point so I looked into it and that’s the one of the legs for the algo, the other is variance.

essentially I calculate the standard deviation of the last 60 candles and when a candle…

title is a lil presumptuous i know.

BLUF: there are multiple ways to use the degengain indicator / script and i’ll give you the best strategies.

there are 3 strategies you can deploy, I’ll call them min-risk, mid-risk and max risk. when i first automated the script i deployed max risk to return 50x in a month when btc broke above ATH’s in jan.

See Here!

the one contingency to keep in mind is that this indicator was built for trending markets, aka “BULL RUN” markets, when used otherwise will result in excessive reversals and will inevitably chop you out…

The Management at Mutual Capital has decided to pivot.

Fortunately or not it has become evident to us that the current model of airdrop and ref link source for funds is not enticing enough to a wide enough number of cryptopians.

For this reason we have decided to upgrade Mutual Capital to a full crypto community on Discord, a trading/mining/investment community.

Without over-promising and under delivering we plan to integrate all kinds of features needed to grow the community and increase sources of revenue for the fund. We will continue to bring you the juiciest airdrops.

Inline with our core beliefs we will never charge a fee to join our community as we are not a paid group scam of any kind.

The token Airdrop will be calculated in part by user activity in the Discord.


— Godson.

A lot of question have reached me about how MutualCapital collects funds and how the MC token airdrop will be processed.

1: Airdrop funds

You’re not giving us your airdrop coins, we’ll collect funds from the referral fees.

The researchers and Team will find a good airdrop (or ICO if need be) and share details in the ANN room, you get your coins and the coins earned from referring you will go into the fund.

2: Exchange funds.

Normally when a new exchange launches people on twitter, telegram or Reddit shill their ref link to their followers and get them…

So you’re a fiat pleb, you don’t understand that more Bitcoin is the prize and not more fiat. OK.

How do i hedge my fiat gains ?

You have 3 Bitcoins, each is worth 20k USD, and you’ve noticed the market is about to turn and you want to preserve you $60k portfolio.

1: Stable coins.

these are coins built to maintain a usd value and hence are inversely correlated to $BTC . They range from common ones such as Tether $Tether and Nubits $NBT (EDIT: Nubits is Trash Do NOT USE!), to TrustUSD $TUSD and Crtyptopia’s $NZDT.

Pros and Cons.

Pro: these…


Mutual Capital Crypto is a project founded by me (AltcoinGodson) and Ambroid. We are both “OG” crypto traders and MCC is an experiment in building a communal crypto fund in a legal and moral fashion. We will be supported by a couple of researchers and other team members.


How does one create or participate in a fund without selling some financial product or security and possibly incur the wrath of the 3 letter agencies.

How does one maximize profits from the different complimentary opportunities in the crypto-sphere.


A fund created exclusively from complimentary opportunities available to the…


His Imperial Majesty, Lord of Altcoins and Prophet of the Altgods. @Mansa_Godson

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